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 2nd Friday Every Month (8:00 PM) - The Shore Aquatic Club


 Sunday May 28, 2017 - Art in the Park (Long Branch, NJ)

For Sale & Gallery pieces: Various sea creatures in their environments, all hand carved and painted. Art's talents really shine in this medium.

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For Sale & Gallery pieces: Art's experiences depicted on canvas. Original paintings, reasonably priced! Come in and browse...

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DVDs for sale: Underwater explorations, documentaries, including the award winning, "Beach Rich - Fish Poor", and fun shorts. Several hours of local NJ fish as well as more exotic locales. All videos are entertaining, educational, and very well done.

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Big catches, gear and the NJ pioneers of the sport. This page is dedicated to spearfishing and spearfishermen from New Jersey, both old and new. Includes a small collection of old friends and their memorable (record-breakers) spearfishing catches, and the gear that I've designed and built and used quite effectively over the years.

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To Whom it May Concern:

I have been told that I was born among the various seaweed on the Jersey Beach.

I began freediving as a boy, when diving was free. Spearfishing started soon after, as it did with so many of my peers at that time. I guess I've been at that well over forty years now.

I became familiar with SCUBA many years ago, but felt it unnecessary until I took up underwater photography in the mid-seventies. I still took most of my photos freediving locally, but SCUBA came in handy on trips to deep water. I have invented many goodies for spearfishing and photography, such as a camera gun platform on which I mount my Nikonos. I have won numerous awards for my stills, and have had many of them published over the years.

I am also a marine artist, specializing in marine life wood sculpture & watercolor paintings.

In 1993, I put time and motion to work. I took up underwater video. I have been similarly lucky with that medium.

Although I can't travel extensively, I have gotten around somewhat. I have made a number of trips to the Bahamas, and have enjoyed many of the shark dives that are featured there. I have seen: Turks and Caicos, Tobago, Cancun, Saba, and Cozumel, the Virgin Islands, Belize, and the Sea of Cortez (Loreto, La Paz, Cabo San Lucas). Then on to the eastern Pacific: Costa Rica, both mainland and Cocos Island.

While the above destinations all have their own magic, I still long for the SPECIAL magic of the Jersey shore.

Art Nelson, 2000

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"White Sight" "A Salt Water Greeting" "Gotcha" "Wreck Resident"



16" x 35"

A Salt Water Greeting




13" x 23"



"Sea Robin Sees" "Flee"

Sea Robin Sees


15" x 22"



Bass on Peanut Bunker.
22 x 29 3/4"

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